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Company Profile
Ocean Food Company Limited is a Canadian Company established in 1980. They began by using their intimate knowledge on how to reprocess SURIMI as their strength and introduced their unique products into both the Asian and Canadian markets. As the mainstream markets knowledge and acceptance of Japanese foods grew, the strength of Ocean Food Company became broader and they used their knowledge of the North American taste buds and their manufacturing and marketing experiences to bring new cutting edge products to all markets.
  • In 1980 the first company in eastern Canada to produce KAMABOKO fish cake products.
  • In 1985 started JAC Creative Foods to produce and market IMITATION CRAB to the markets. Joe thus became the grand father and originator imitation crab manufacturing in Canada.
  • In 1989 their KING KRAB brand name become the number one seller in Canada.
  • In 1991 Joe sold JAC CREATIVE FOODS and carried on with Ocean Food Company.
  • In 1997 Ocean Food Company Limited became a HACCP registered manufacturer.
  • In 1997 began production of Japanese style vinaigrette salad dressings.
  • In 1999 began JC CREATIVE FOODS to market and take the dressings to the mainstream market.
  • In 2000 began producing imitation crab under Ocean-Deli and Sea-Deli brand names.
  • In 2004 began selling the dressings to the the United States.
  • In 2004 began production of Japanese style sauces.
The RAISON D'ETRE for Ocean Food Company will be to stay on the cutting edge of the market and continue bringing exciting, tasty products for everyone to enjoy.

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