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Literally translated from Japanese means "ground meat". A group of fishing trawlers will catch the fish, then take it to the mother ship (plant) where the fish is processed into surimi. The fish is skinned, deboned, minced, washed, rinsed, spindried then flash frozen into 22lb blocks. This produces the best quality of surimi since within hours of catching the fish it is made into surimi blocks. The shore side operation is where the trawlers will spend a few days catching the fish. The catch is kept cool then brought to the plant to make surimi blocks. Add therefore the quality of the surimi blocks are not as good.

Surimi is a tasteless and odourless mass of fish protein. By reprocessing the surimi and by flavouring it, many interesting products can be made. They would have a finished product of fish protein, without cholesterol and depending on the ingredients that are added, a healthy source of protein. Crackers, snacks, ice cream, cheese and yogurt and many different types of fish cakes are presently produced in Japan.

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